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 - Missy Fanshaw
Assistant Principal Michele Rowland  


#ThxBCPSprincipals for demonstrating ongoing remarkable
leadership, commitment, and dedication. @teambcps #teambcps

BCPS Principal Excellence

You are invited to join this monumental celebration by sharing your testimony of a time this school year when a principal demonstrated outstanding leadership, commitment, dedication and/or support. Please use one of the sentence starters below to briefly describe the what, when, why, and how of your experience. Because your testimony will be shared with ALL principals, we ask that you do not name any specific principal(s).  We want ALL principals to be able to connect and see themselves in your testimony.

Use the links below to post your brief testimony. You may upload a video or type your response. Please submit your testimony on or before Wednesday, May 12, 2021.

Use Kudoboard if you prefer to type your post and use features like GIFs, photos, and video uploads.   
Use Vidday if you are interested in video recording your testimony.

Sentence Starters
My principal is special to me because…
My principal made my day when he/she…
The best thing about my principal is…
My principal is the best principal ever because…
My principal rocks because…


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R.F.E.S. empowers all students to be lifelong learners who are committed to academic excellence and global citizenship.



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